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Several Soldiers of Pakistan Army have said that will ‘Join the Jihad’ if everything related to France isn’t banned. Millions of people and soldier’s protest turn against Government, hundreds killed, Military takes on streets…

Civil War in Pakistan

Policemen and Soldiers were beaten in several parts of Pakistan after they tried to control the crowd that gathered for protest.

Deadly Anti-French protests, riots escalated in Pakistan. The government continues to walk on the path of fire since millions of Pakistanis including many soldiers have taken to the streets not only due to the arrest and Ban of opposition party & its leaders but due to their anti-blasphemy demand.

Anti-French sentiment has been simmering for months in Pakistan since the government of President Emmanuel Macron expressed support for a magazine’s right to republish cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed deemed blasphemous by many Muslims.

The opposition political party in Pakistan has been banned by the government after they urged the country to end all relations with France over the allegations of ‘blasphemy’.

Saad Rizvi, leader of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), was detained in Lahore Monday, party officials said.

His arrest was confirmed by police, but they did not say on what charges. Also he had been trying to organize a march on April 20 at the capital to demand the expulsion of the French ambassador.

The situation went out of control, due to which the military had to takeover the control of situation across the country yet, it is possible to say that this will only worsen. Over more than 800 Indian Sikhs are among those affected by the road blockade by the TLP workers.

“The Indian Sikhs who arrived here on Monday to attend the Vaisakhi festival in Gurdwara Panja Sahib Hassanabdal, Rawalpindi, could not reach there due to the protest.

“On Tuesday afternoon, the visiting Indian Sikhs left for Gurdwara Panja Sahib Hassanabdal in 25 buses, which were escorted by the police and the Rangers,” as per an official of the Punjab government.

The chances are very likely that again a military mutiny in Pakistan could take place since Imran Khan’s government failed to handle the law and order, especially when protesters too have killed several policemen.

Sources Credit : The Tatva and Internet

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