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Summer is back again, Are you people ready to beat the heat??? Here you will get some of the essential points which you all must add and follow in your daily routine make your body healthy.

As you know, Seasons are changing on the regular basis and in India even very frequent, so taking care of your health is the very first priority and for that you must intake proper diet and hydrate your body in the hot summer season.

Basically the hottest time of the year in India is from April to June but now we can see the rise in temperature even in mid-February. Summers are the time for wearing light colored loose cotton clothes, staying indoors, light eating and drinking lots of water.   

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Importance of Diet During Summer

Hot and humid season means dehydration and water is the lifeline. Thus, one needs to carry a water bottle before leaving your home. Also if you have a desk job, the water bottle should be kept at your desk and consumption is required at the same time… After the complete setups, one needs to drink water after each small interval of time. Don’t wait for the time when you’ll feel thirsty because by the time you feel thirsty, probably you have lost more than half liter of your total body water composition. Hence you must drink water before you are thirsty.

Hydration is really and always important, as you all know that our body covers more than 60 percent of water and in hot-humid weather, water gets release from our bodies in the form of sweating. Also you must know that drinking water helps us by promoting weight loss, give glowing skin, boost-up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, increases energy and relieves fatigue.

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To stay fit and healthy during summer, food consumption plays a vital role, always go for fresh, easily digestible and modest food. In case you will intake unhealthy foods or drinks, either your immunity can save you or you will be surrendered as heat-related health issues. Now let’s discuss some of the Healthy Summer Foods and Drinks, you should not miss in this season.


Seasonal fruits & vegetables

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In the childhood time, our grandparents always bring the seasonal fruits and vegetables on every visit. What is special about the seasonal fruits and veggies??? Seasonal fruits and vegetables are healthy as it contains own natural colors and flavors as they are grown under favorable weather condition without any artificial influencer also they are super tasty and affordable. Like in summer, the body feels dehydrated, so the seasonal fruits available during this time contains higher amount of water such as mangoes, melons, sweet corn, amla, cabbage, mushrooms, salads, juices, coconut water, yogurt, etc. whereas during winter, our body faces different problems and needs extra protection to maintain metabolism, boost energy level and other kind of illness, fruits and veggies available during winter provides vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, warm and also provides glow to the skin. Some of the foods are dry fruits, seasonal veggies and fruits, dairy products, whole grains, ghee, nuts, oil seeds, spices, herbs, saffron, etc.

Curd (Lassi/ Buttermilk)

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Curd/Yogurt and butter-milk help you remain cool in the summer season and keep your digestive system running smoothly by hydrating and boosting your energy level at the same time. Just by adding a lil amount of salt or sugar, your body will feel more balanced and energized. Also curd is a great stress-buster and lowers the anxiety level in a moment.

Sprouts and salads

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In summer, sprouts or salad is delicious and tasty way to enjoy a light meal. It is very important to intake the easy to digest food and contain high levels of water and nutrients. Such eatables can either be eaten alone or mixed with other veggies and salad. Other than sprouts and salads, sweet corn is also a best to consume organically cultivated corn and is rich source of vitamins, fibers and minerals. You can steam, grill, bake and even boil the corn according to your mood and enjoy the corn with other veggies as a tasty salad.

Seasonal Fruit Juices

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To beat the heat during summer’s high temperature, juices and smoothies are the best way. This is the exact time of the year when we all want to do sip on a cool fresh beverage to keep you hydrated and energized. Also melons and coconut water are the favorites with peoples of all age groups. Now here you will also get some formula, to surprise your friends and family by giving them homemade juices:    

  • Lime Water or Lemonade:  These are so common summer drink in India. You can prepare it in the simplest steps, just add the juice of one or two lemons to a glass of water and add either sugar or salt as per your own preference and mix the solution, Hurrah! you are ready to enjoy the Nimbu Paani. Also you can add black salt, mint paste and a pinch of roasted cumin powder to make it more delicious. 
  • Aam Panna: This drink is mostly popular in Maharashtra with the King of fruits: Mango. This refreshing summer drink is prepared by mango pulp with some mint leaves, a pinch of jeera and cumin. At last add either sugar or salt as per your mood and enjoy your energizing drink to beat the hot temperature.
  • Sattu Sharbat: This drink is the specialty of Bihar and is not just refreshing but also filling. For making the sharbat all you need is water, sugar and sattu flour.by just adding the three ingredient you are good to go and surely love it.
  • Some other juices you must try are coconut water, mango juice, sugarcane juice, pineapple juice, papaya juice, beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, etc. 

Iced Tea

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A freshly brewed tea is rich in antioxidant which makes your teeth, gums and bones healthy. But it is advisable to drink only one to two cups of iced tea daily, as the high consumption may results in both sleep and stomach. Now let’s discuss How to make this??? Take a glass of water to boil and add one teaspoon of tea leaves and wait for ten minutes for simmer. Now cool it and add honey as per taste. And your iced tea is all set to enjoy.

Also some of the foods and drinks in summer season you should avoid to stay healthy

  • Hot and Spicy Food
  • Street and Fried Food
  • Hot and Caffeine Drinks
  • Non-Vegetarian Food
  • Tandoori Food
  • Ice-Creams and Cold Drinks
  • Frequent Intake of Dried Fruits
  • Sauces and Processed Foods

These are some tips you should keep in mind, and also some must be avoided to enjoy the summer season without facing other health issues.

Hopefully this article was quite helpful and surely next will reach you soon, till then take care of your health and give suggestions for the next via comments.