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Life will never be the same, is now completely changed. The crises happened to take us to another path. We have been having huge and blind trust towards the globalized world. Things will be changed at every level. May be we should just forget about handshakes forever, people will be seen wearing masks everywhere, not been able to travel that freely,  we will unintentionally keep our distance and be more cautious around our elderly.

To overcome these pressure and make an energetic step daily we need to built some special power for us. And so the  very special keywords from our day-to-day lifestyle is self-motivation and humour at the same time. Nowadays, everyone talks about the term motivation or self-motivation and gives enormous points regarding the same but I will be sharing my opinion on ‘Humour’.

Happy time is a Family time

So the question is what is HUMOUR???

In modern usage ‘Humour’ means ‘MOOD’ or ‘CHARACTER’, but the word also denotes ‘that which causes laughter’.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learns’ Dictionary, the defination of HUMOUR is “the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech, a mood or state of mind, each of the four.”

This simply means ‘Humour’ is a literary tool that makes audiences laugh or that intends to induce fun or laughter on anyone’s face by making fun of some situations, statements, attitudes also this is often found in movies, advertisements, theaters and ofcourse literature, where the major purpose is to make the audience happy. 

Humour is a light-hearted way to mend or to make good.

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We all know that if your communication skill is good and people enjoys your company, then sense of humour plays the major role. So, to increase the happy moments some basic steps are to be included in your lifestyle, which are really important because:



  • Be a Good Observer and Look at Things in an Unexpected Way
  • Stay Relaxed and Watch Content that You Find Funny
  • Extreme Level Comparison by making Jokes based on Their Preferences
  • Change the Direction or go for Voice Modulation
  • Use a Contrasting View or Sarcasm
  • Make People Laugh More, with another Joke of the Same Topic (i.e. Have Fun, Carry On…)  
  • Appropriate Breaking of Stresses for Laughter
  • If you’re making a Joke, make sure it’s a Punch Up Joke
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Simple and easy ways to improve your sense of humour are:

(1) Laugh at yourself.

(2) Be around with funny people.

(3) Be happy to make happy.

If you also thinks in the same way, please let us know by sharing your thought… We’ll love to know what you want for our betterment because ‘WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER…..’