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World is changing every day and life is full of different level of experiments and exams… So what more important is… How you will handle that? We see a lot of people daily, Isn’t it? All are doing their work to reach and fulfill their goals. So there are two types of people in this race, one who complete their goals and the other who lose the race. What is the reason behind this?

What you think, is it intelligence, talent or smartness? As per a research, the contribution of these three are only 30% overall. So, again we get back to the question that what defines success for rest 70%? It is mental toughness (or GRIT, a word by scientists). Grit can be easily defined as passion and perseverance…

Make your mind strong…


  • A personality trait.
  • Fundamental to performance, well-being and personal development.
  • Determines how people deal with challenges, stressors and pressure.

Since the human psyche is strongly influenced not only by external but also internal voices, our mental state can benefit from psychological tools including:

  • Positive Thinking : This impacts what is known, felt and believed to be true. To boost this self-talk is a best way to encourage yourself as no one will do that for you. An inner dialogue of “I have planned for this”, “my training has prepared me” or “I know how to control these feelings” provides a way of handling nerves and stress.
  • Visualization : An internal focus on positive mental images, can favorably impact both mind and body. Mental rehearsal is a proven way to prepare for challenges and assert control over your inner voice.  
  • Attentional control : This increases your capacity to focus. For some, this may be the difference between success and failure. Concentrating on the right thing, especially under pressure, can be learned through setting goals, removing distractions, and using routines to better embed knowledge.
  • Goal setting : Goal should be clear, realistic and achievable as this will focus and energize you and also provide long-lasting motivation. In other words, chunking the bigger challenge into smaller manageable components that can be tackled individually, is key.
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A mentally tough person interprets challenges as opportunities and believes they can maintain control in their life. In everyday life, mental toughness allows someone to better manage stress, overcome challenges and increase contentment.

According to Peter Clough (a professor of psychology at University of Hull), mental toughness is made up of four components, that psychologists call as “the 4Cs“, and are…

  • Challenge
  • Control
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
4C's of mental toughness


  1. Perseverance of effort: ability to work hard even in the face of failure
  2. Consistency of effort: sticking to one goal unless and until you succeed

Qualities one can see in Mentally Tough Leaders

  1. Consistence in their work schedule, works on clear goal and won’t get disturb with minor emergencies which arose daily
  2. Keep the surrounding motivated with positive thoughts and prepare everyone for the worst situation

Consistency?? Think in this way…

Motivation Consistency Mothergaea GIF

Our 10% of the life is unpredictable, we can’t control that. When any emergency or accident occurs we have to balance if with courage and patience but for next 90% to get what you really want, consistency is the only key to get that. Thus, it is really important to work in this direction as well. This will help you deal with high-stress situation.

How to become Mentally Strong…

Are you strong enough to convince yourself? Are you mentally strong…? What does it mean to be mentally tough? Mental toughness is just a capacity to effectively deal with challenges, stressors and adverse situations, and still perform well in spite of their circumstances.
Developing a tough mentality helps you cope with distressing and overwhelming moments in life better. You are more capable of handling fear and doubts than anyone else, but for that don’t fall for the bad though rise with the rest to make it the best…

Get an emotional trash can

Emotion trash is really a big need to boost you, to protect yourself from all the negative thoughts coming in your mind. Why? Because negative thoughts are often what bar you from where you want to be… These thoughts can fill you with anxiety, dread and wind-up emotionally harming you. Mental strength is hard to develop when you have a negative mindset.

Emotional Dumpster

The best solution to this would be to get a trashcan. And the point is you can throw all your worries, fears and doubts to gain better respite and mental clarity. Now for this, find a creative outlet for your emotions, talk to yourself as you are the best buddy for you and lastly reach out to a therapist.
Trashing all bad thoughts and dealing with them in a healthy manner gives you a chance to process them and get to a resolution. With clear and positive mindset, it is much easier to get your goal with full focus and satisfaction.

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Acknowledge and use the power of choice

Do you feel pressured while while making the right choices? Are you worried about disappointing others or even letting other people down if you make the wrong choice? Then let me let you in on a secret, there is no such thing as the right choice. Choices that are honest and in tune with what you want or need at that situation are considered to be the right choice for you. Right choices are nothing but simply your thought process for that time when you are planning or making the things to happen.

The Power of Choice

If you find yourself unclear or uncertain, just take the pen and paper and make a list of present goals. Figure out what exactly you’re willing to let go of, especially if you know that it doesn’t serve you. And what you’re grateful for or what you truly want to focus on.

Do the difficult things first

Life is like a game where level of difficulty increases with every now and then. At some point everyone wants to run away from something difficult. It’s perfectly normal to want to run away when things get harder and more difficult for an individual. It can feel like impossible to finish what was started. But sometimes, in order to move forward, one has to figure out how to get through those difficult times. You certainly don’t have to do it alone.

Do the Toughest Thing First

Take a look around you; find a support group that’ll be able to provide comfort, support and strength for you. There are people that can walk with you through your difficult time and also help you to safely reach the other side of the mountain.


Physical exercise are best for both your physical as well as mental health. This helps you establish discipline. The discipline of the mind is necessary for developing your mental toughness because that helps you build consistency. When you are steadfastly committed to building up your mental fortitude, negativity has a harder time of tripping you up.

Fitness Gif

Regular exercise helps you sense of routine, consistency and many other added benefits of providing a healthy outlet for your emotions and stress.

Learn how to lose gracefully

Despite how unpleasant it might be, failure can be the ultimate teacher. If anyone is dealing with failure, sometimes the resulting anxiety and stress can weigh you down. This keeps you from learning from your mistakes, whatever the lesson might be. Take the time to sit with your thoughts and work through the feelings that you’re experiencing.

I Learn To Lose Gracefully

Ask yourself, “What is the lesson here? How do I move forward?” Once you’re able to take accountability for yourself, it’s easier to move forward and not make those same mistakes a second time.

Practice gratitude

Maintain gratitude even when you’re going through a difficult season. Does it feel hard to be grateful, especially when you’re going through a lot in life? Sometimes it can be easier to focus on the negative things around you, but practicing gratitude increases your overall happiness, reduces depression and helps you override negative thought patterns.

Close up of gratitude word with pen on notebook

When you focus on what to be thankful for, you’ll definitely find a way for happiness and lightness take hold within your heart. Being grateful and having an open heart helps you to focus on your goals and dreams so can go forth and achieve them.

Let go of things you can’t control

Do you find it hard to let things go? Do you always want to fix everything and feels like you’re the only one who can do it? It is tempting to want to control everything yourself, especially when things start going downhill.

How To Let Go" Of What You Can't Control

But, eventually, somethings has to give. When things go wrong, ask yourself, “Is this something I can solve? And if so, How?” What is your role in the process of achieving a solution? Learning to let go of things that are out of your control will make you feel less stressed and help you have a clear mind.
When you think of the phrase, creating healthy habits for yourself, you may probably think of exercising, eating healthy and getting to bed on time. Yes, these are all great things to do for your physical health, but what about your mental health? Creating healthy habits for your mind is just as important as keeping a healthy body, because one can easily influence the other.

Like any other skill, even one that you’re born with, mental toughness must be developed and maintained… 
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