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Everyone have problems in their own life but you must know How to solve your problems by creating new options if you won’t found the previous one.

Our society only welcomes to those who help themselves. You may get disturb today but what you have to do at that time is just believe in yourself, all because it’s you vs you.

In case you feel down, just take a break from your busy schedule and try to do those activities which makes you happy, by which you get mental peace. If you are only not happy, you won’t find the world happy anymore. Also you can talk about your problems with your loved once to resolve it but the answer which you are looking forward to get from others may never reach you because no one can give the best solution of your problem unless and until they won’t feel the same.

Not to worry anymore about it, let’s try some options which may help you to reveal your problems in front of you and only you, all because it will help you in building you more experienced person in your world of problems and there solutions of your life…

  1. In this world of fake people, don’t interact with yourself with a fake smile. Be the real you and face your problems. Many of the people find it difficult to know about their problems, the best idea is either to write what you feel or to draw. These two ways are also used by the psychiatrists to know about a person’s problem. Also if you are an introvert, and don’t feel safe to talk about your problems with others this is the most easy option to get the answer with any outer support.        
  2. If you think you can get the solution by talking, go for it. Just talk to your loved once and feel relaxed by getting the solution. Many times people overthink about the problem or don’t want to discuss with the know people, in such case you can get the best answer from the unknown people. The unknown people really don’t know about your past or the present and will help you to get the solution with their opinion. But it may be possible, that you will forget about your problem when you meet new people, just by the interaction or the small talk because our mind only need some positive vibes when feel sad.
  3. Don’t hesitate about your problems but try to keep a proper perspective towards the problems. If a problem arises, it also brings the solution, what you have to do it just face it and go for every options which clicks your mind to resolve it. Also always be ready for the next problems, as in real world both positive and negative sections will surely reach you to test your life. Always prepare yourself to expect the unexpected and learn from your problems.  
  4. Don’t think your problems like a dead end, although treat it like the exams which we all have to give in the school time to get good marks and proceed for the next. In same way, you know that nothing will be there for last longer so try to create the options to solve your problems and once you know how to make your mind happy, you won’t face a big black screen in front of you in case of next upcoming issues. Here your mind will tell you positive vibes, that you have cracked the last problem and surely you will crush the next one.  

Really wanna a solution? Think on paper

Problem Solving. Solving your daily life problems… | by Akif Naseem | Medium

Here you will get some steps to resolve the problems in the most effective ways:

  1. Identify your issues along with your presence of mind and note it.
  2. Try to understand what you can do? What solution you want at the present time?
  3. Also understand everyone’s interest before you visit to others place to discuss.
  4. Make a list of all possible options or solutions.    
  5. Evaluate either individually or with your partner with whom you are sharing the problem.
  6. Select an option and go with it to get the result.
  7. If worked, wonderful! Else try the next one because it’s only you who can do it as you know yourself as well as the problem from the closest side.
  8. Once your issues resolved, don’t forget to destroy the blue print which you have created to get the result.

Woohoo! Aren’t you feeling relaxed now? See you did it. Just believe in yourself you are the only person who is the best buddy of yourself and who can fight from all those never ending thoughts…

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Still feeling something missing? No need to take more tensions. Be strong… you are at the right place; you should try these lines to boost yourself…

You don’t have to be like a buried person, a person who got buried by problems, by life, by thoughts, by anxiety, by stress. No one is like that… Try to take help from these lines to rebuild you back again! Just say it loudly…

I have to correct my mind.

I have to work on myself.

I have to build that mental strength because nothing is more important.

Today I will rise from the grave of disappointment to rise high.

I will dig my way out of hell and fight for my heaven.

I will dig my way out of the darkness until I find the light.

I will dig my way out of the weakness until I realize my strength.

I will dig my way out of defeat until I find the champion.

No longer will I blame others, circumstances and events.

No longer will I accept an average life.

I will accept all the responsibilities and challenges.

And I vow to work, work until I find my solutions and my way, whatever it takes, however long it takes.

Now I am committed to bury my problems, once and for all.   

Now say “I’M GONNA BURY YOU, UNTIL I AM LIVING THE LIFE, I AM PROUD TO LIVE MY LIFE, MY PRIDE”. Just bury your problems, the thought that never ends like…

  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Doubt
  • Negativity
  • Weakness
  • Excuses
  • Blaming
  • Disappointment
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Sometimes, You are the one who have to fight for your way out of the darkness. Just refuse to be buried by life and your problems because you are more than this. Fight your way out of that hole. Get out now and bury your problems, bury them for good.

That’s all for the today! Thanks for reading. Hope this helps.