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We believe whisky brings the world together! Here’s to all the Whisky Lovers! Happy #WorldWhiskyDay!  

While the occasion is celebrated by whisky lovers worldwide with tastings, events and gatherings, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a dampener to such initiatives. World Whisky Day is, "all about making whisky fun and enjoyable, not about being exclusive or prescriptive.

World Whisky Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May. In 2021, it falls on May 15.

Brief About its Origin

The origins of the word Whisky can be found in the Gaelic Language. Uisce Beatha was the original name of whiskey in classical Gaelic, which ultimately became Uisce Beatha in Ireland and Uisge Beatha in Scotland. Both of these names mean “Water of Life” and tells us just how important and vital this particular distillation was to the Gaels.

Michael Jackson in his book Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide wrote that MacVeys, who were a family of physicians, translated medical texts from Arabic regarding the process of distillation, resulting in the creation of the first whisky.

Top 5 Whiskys You Should Drink On World Whisky Day 2021

So what, exactly, is whisky? Whisky is what happens when you create take rich flavorful grains and ferment them into a mash, and then take that mash and distil it down into a pure delicious spirit.

The World Whisky Day was created by a University of Aberdeen student, Blair Bowman around a decade back.

What day is World Whisky Day?

Falling on May 15 every year, World Whisky Day is quickly approaching. This day is all about enjoying your favorite whisky and adventuring to try new ones, all while sharing the experience with good company.

Why is World Whisky Day celebrated?

World Whisky Day was founded in the year 2012 by Blair Bowman while he was still studying at the University of Aberdeen. This year the day is being celebrated on May 15, Saturday. Well, this is one of the special days for all whisky lovers as it gives them an official day to get drunk and celebrate the drink.

According to Bowman, World Whisky Day is, “all about making whisky fun and enjoyable. It’s not about being exclusive or prescriptive.”

How is World Whisky Day celebrated?

Every year and all over the globe, bars, restaurants and hotels celebrate World Whisky Day in countless ways. There’s no better place to celebrate World Whisky Day than where it all began, though: at the bar. These range from tastings at independent whisky rooms to multi-course whisky-themed dinners at renowned hotels.

How to celebrate World Whisky Day at home?

Fed-up of this pandemic? Let’s have some fun with a try on Whisky Sour…. Here’s a recipe you can give a try…


  • Lemon zest
  • Ice 
  • ½ fresh egg white
  • Two dashes of Angostura bitters
  • 12 ½ ml of sugar syrup
  • 35ml lemon juice
  • 50ml bourbon

How to make now?

Put all of the ingredients, aside from the lemon zest, into a cocktail shake. Shake the ingredients hard, with the ice, and then strain them into a rocks glass that is filled with ice. You should then squeeze the zest of the lemon, with the shiny side down, over the top of the drink. The purpose of this is so that the scented oils spray across the top of the drink. Get rid of the zest, and finish by adding the garnish, and then it’s ready to enjoy.

Delicious, right? Now the turn is yours…

whiskey sour cocktail with fresh orange slice
Photo by Geraud pfeiffer on Pexels.com

What happens when you drink whisky every night???

Let’s now go with some facts, which happens when you Drink Whiskey Every Night. Some of the points are mentioned below:

  1. You’re more likely to suffer from a horrible hangover
  2. Your sleep cycle can be interrupted if you drink whiskey often
  3. You may help alleviate a cold
  4. You might help improve your immune system
  5. You could keep away bacteria
  6. It could affect your memory
  7. It can interfere with your medications
  8. You could prolong your life
  9. You can dry out your skin if you drink whiskey every night
  10. You may lower your chances of having a stroke
  11. Drinking whiskey every night could potentially help regulate your insulin
  12. You will build up your tolerance to alcohol, so moderation is key
  13. Studies show that you may be able to help your heart health if you drink whiskey every night
  14. If you always drink whiskey every night, you could damage your liver
  15. If you drink whiskey every night instead of other alcohol, you’ll consume less calories and carbs

Hopefully you found this a bit useful, do share your views with us through the comment box below… And till the next update stay safe stay healthy….